Friday, February 20, 2009


He picked up on how to do this without any effort. He can't turn or stop but he can scoot...

You thought I was joking about the car keys didn't you?
Here is another one for your viewing pleasure

Friday, February 13, 2009


Dixon is 10 months old (in a couple days but who is counting...) and he is growing up before our eyes in ways that we wish he wouldn't. Right now he is in the "Where did he go? He was right here a second ago" phase. He is playing on the floor, we blink and he disappears like an illusionist. You see he has started rolling. He is a master roller now. He can roll 12 feet in seconds flat, pivot on his stomach and keep rolling like the obstacle wasn't even in his way at all. And to add to that, he has started doing the "Army Crawl" as well. On his stomach, pulling himself forward using his elbows. I think currently his record, as of this writing, is 8 crawls. I am telling you though, our son is a genius and he will be crawling like a pro in no time. Much to our horror I am sure...

I am a mean, mean, Dad, so today I teased him by not letting him go to Mom when he was hungry and she was ready to nurse him. Instead I held him under the arms and stood him up on his feet and told him that if he wanted to eat he would have to walk over to Mom. Much to our surprise he took 2 steps right away, and then with a little coxing he took two more. Mind you he was giving me a piece of his mind the entire time, but wow, what a way to motivate the kid. Maybe I shouldn't do that... hmm..

Dixon loves electronics. Today he rolled/crawled over to the stereo and started pushing buttons, turning the sound off and back on again. He always wants my iPhone (to chew on mind you, not call with, but you never know, maybe he has some buddies to text I don't know about..) and one of his favorite toys (that his mom wishes he didn't play with) is the xbox controller. He is a guy all the way!

That being said, he loves books as well. They all taste delicious to him. Some he eats the pages right out of and others he chews on the edges and spine, but he loves all his books. One of his favorite books (that he hasn't eaten completely) is "pat the bunny" he knows all the moves and usually does them before you even have to say anything. I told you the kid is a genius.

He loves chewing on his toothbrush.. er, brushing his teeth I mean, and taking baths. If you know what is good for you you won't take him out of the bath. He will let you know what he thinks about that.

Right now he is in to pointing at everything. Often he will point at you, then point at something out of his reach, then back at you, then back at the object again. This means, "hey buddy, get that for me will you?" I find this very humorous, however if I am not fast enough at getting whatever it is that he wants, Dixon does not find it humorous. (He doesn't always get what he wants however.)

A couple of days ago he received his first "Flesh Wound." I like to call it "Battle Damage" to make it seem more manly, but he was just playing in the clothes basket when he toppled it over and hit his face on the wire rack in the hallway. He now has a shiner on his right eye. It didn't faze him a bit, but his mom was quite shaken by it. He is just preparing us for what is too come, I can just imagine... I don't want too, but I can...

Anyway, our little boy is growing up and I am floored when I think that his 1st Birthday is just around the corner. He isn't allowed to grow up that fast. We have rules here, are you listening to me Dixon? Dixon? Oh where did he go now, and where are my car keys?...