Sunday, March 28, 2010

Official Due Date Nonsense

I don't think I will ever believe that children are born on time. Dixon was two weeks late (actually only 13 days...) and now here we are just a couple of days past Hudson's due date (or exactly on his due date depending on who you ask) and he is currently a no-show! Trust me, I am willing to wait for him as long as possible, but I just wish he was here already... :)

It started just over a week ago, Friday the 19th to be exact, when Julie was telling our Doctor about how her hands and arms had been going numb, and how she was feeling somewhat faint that day. The good Doc ordered some blood tests, a glucose test and because Hudson measured a centimeter shorter than the week before (which would be two centimeters shorter than he was supposed to be at that week) he also lined us up for a ultrasound.

The Blood tests popped up flags all over the place for stuff, glucose mainly I think, and a UA showed high protein, and when Julie took the 1 hour Glucose test on the following Wednesday before the ultrasound, well she failed it by posting a blood sugar level of 172. Yowza! So, then that set off alarms as well...

Fast forward to Friday, the Doc asks Julie to come in and do another Glucose test. This time the 3 hour test, which is a stronger mixture, and that test she "failed" because 7 minutes or so after she downed that kool-aid concoction from hell, she threw it up. That sent her to the Urgent Care clinic where they took her blood pressure, and stuff like that. The Doc came down and talked to us and told us because of the results of the first glucose test, and because she didn't finish the 2nd test, we were just going to proceed as if she had gestational diabetes. obviously something that is easier to deal with when you have a few months before your due date, than when it IS YOUR DUE DATE, however with a proper diet it can be managed and lowered so that the baby isn't born with a high blood sugar count. So we went home with the number of a dietitian to call and a blood glucose meter to test her blood sugar levels.

And just so you know, her blood sugar levels have all been within normal ranges, or slightly lower, since we have been testing. I wonder what she ate that one day...

Anyway, yesterday we go to providence to do what is supposed to be a simple "non stress test," and it really was, Hudson was so good the nurse was like, "well, this will be quick." But they took Julie's blood pressure and it was slightly elevated for her, which would be something like 130/70 instead of her normal 110/60, and then when we were just about to leave they did another UA, which again showed high protein, and that mixed with the elevated blood pressure is a sign for Preclampsia. Oh oh... that means we can't go home.

So, more blood tests, more waiting, our doctor happens to be in the building and sits down and talks with us and tells us that even if Julie just has mild Preclampsia, or none at all, just that mixed with everything else in the last couple of days, he would recommend inducing TOMORROW (Sunday). That would mean we would be admitted that night (Saturday.)

Wow. All right. Change of plans. But wait, it's not over yet. ALL the blood tests come back NORMAL (Thank You Lord!) and so the Doc says, well we could wait a day or so if we wanted, but still we would rather be safe than sorry. So we set a tentative plan to be admitted Sunday night, and induced Monday morning. But first, Julie asks if she could run her blood pressure again, and so they do a series of blood pressure checks, every ten minutes for 30-40 minutes, and guess what?

Her blood pressure is FINE every time. No Preclampsia at all they say. (Thank You Lord!) So, once again plans are changed and the we are sent home with a 24 hour urine test and the results of THIS test will decide if we are admitted before Thursday night. Those results we should have 7 hours from or so...

Just so you know, Julie is having mild contractions here and there, she doesn't even feel them all the time but they are picked up on a monitor. When she does feel contractions, or pains, or whatever they are, they usually stop her in her tracks... all this other stuff could be a moot point here soon, that is what I am praying for anyway. Right now Julie is cleaning up the boys room, straightening stuff and cooking some hard boiled eggs.

All I have to say is this, if I didn't have faith that God is bigger than all this, that he works all things for good, for his glory, for those who believe in him, if I didn't believe he was faithful, then these last couple of days would have been really stressful.

Thank You Lord for your hand over all of this!